Brim Explorer

Brim Explorer offers quiet, sustainable and innovative experiences at sea in Northern Norway and in Oslo

Om Brim Explorer

Brim Explorer is a distinguished maritime company operating in Northern Norway and Oslo, offering silent, sustainable, and innovative sea experiences. With a fleet of meticulously designed ships, Brim Explorer prioritises guest satisfaction while minimising its environmental impact.

MS Brim, the company's first ship, embodies the spirit of Brim Explorer. Named after the Old Norse term for 'breaking wave,' MS Brim was launched in 2019 and christened in Tromsø. The vessel symbolises the company's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional sea journeys. Alongside their flagship ship, Brim Explorer boasts MS Brisen, equipped with 100% electric propulsion, this ship further signifies their progressive approach to sustainable maritime exploration.

In Oslo, MS Brisen is a prime location for companies and distinguished guests to host those special gatherings. Or if a small more personal experience is needed, Brim Explorer offers delightful dinner cruises throughout the week or fun Brunch and Bubbles cruises on the weekends.