Stadium guidelines

This is important to read before entering the arena.


As a guest, you are obligated to accept the Norwegian Law, UEFA`s, FIFA`s and the NFF security and arrangement rules, as well as abide by all instructions and orders given by the organizer. Regulations apply before, during, and after the event, and for any type of event at this stadium.

The purpose of the Stadium rules is to ensure a good and safe event with a good atmosphere. Regardless of appearance, religion and cultural background should all feel welcome and safe. Violation of stadium rules may result in being expelled from the stadium, suspension and/or police report.

Upon arrival

Valid accreditation or ticket is required. This must be presented at the gate entry.  It`s only permitted to reside in those areas/sections or place that is described on the ticket or accreditation. It`s not allowed to move from one stand to another without permission.

Personal visitation may occur at the entry to the stadium. If you oppose this, you will not get access to the event.

Following effects are strictly prohibited to bring into the stadium:

  • Knives, weapons or effects as the organizer, consider possessing a security risk. 
  • Pyro effects, fireworks, smoke grenades, firecrackers etc. 
  • Bottles of glass or plastic 
  • Alcohol or drugs. 
  • Camcorder and still camera with a lens of 15 cm or longer. 
  • Animals (with the exception of guide dogs). 
  • Selfie rod. 
  • Banners, flags, or clothing with racist, pornographic, political, commercial or religious messages. 
  • Laser pens, whistles etc. 
  • Balaklava, ski masks, or similar forms of masking.
  • Items, which the organizer believes, is a risk for the event.
  • People with the effects mentioned above will be expelled from the stadium. 

During the event

Stairs, entrance, escape routes, etc. must be clear at all times, and trespassing/climbing on the fences and barriers are not allowed. Violation of this will result in you being expelled from the stadium. 

Violent, aggressive conduct, as well as the use of derogatory language may result in you in being expelled from the stadium.

To enter inner path and/or pitch is strictly prohibited and will result in you being expelled from the stadium, suspension and police report.

To throw any objects on the pitch or in any other way putting others or themselves at risk, is strictly prohibited and will result in you being expelled from the stadium, suspension and police report.

Visibly intoxicated persons will be expelled from the stadium.

The stadium is a non-smoking stadium, and smoking is strictly prohibited. Designated smoking areas will be set up outside during half time/intermission.

Recording of video and sound, and the forwarding of this from the event for any commercial use is prohibited without permission from the copyright holder. This applies to activities on the pitch, on the stands and other areas.

The covering of signs and commercial areas with the banners etc. are not allowed, unless this is agreed in advance.

If you leave the stadium, you will not be allowed to re-enter on the same event ticket.

General provisions

The organizer is not responsible for

  • Consequences related to any delays, postponements or cancelled event. 
  • The public in connection with accidents, injuries or losses that may occur during the event. 
  • Any items left at the gates or in the trash receptacles

Evicted persons are not entitled to any refund of the ticket.

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